I am a professional freelance Director of Photography experienced in Electronic Field Production since 1979.


Dedicated to the creation of compelling visual content for Corporate, Commercial, Documentary, Internet, Broadcast TV and Entertainment endevours.


My work ethic was developed during my service in the U.S. NAVY as a radioman. With extensive training in electronics and radio communications, my transition to television operations and engineering was easy.


For 25 years I worked in Broadcast TV as a Videographer, Photojournalist, Satellite and ENG truck operator, Producer and Editor.


I started Shenise Productions, LLC in 1999 and have traveled the world for clients.


* 1980 my first overseas trip was to the Arctic wth the

109 Air Guard to film a story for ABC News at a

DEW (Defense Early Warning) site in Greenland.


* 2003 I traveled to Kenya Africa to work with film producer Caroline Baron (Capote, The Santa Clause,

Monsoon Wedding) to film a documentary for FilmAid International.


*2005 I spent 2 weeks traveling throught South Africa

filming a documentary for The Community Hospice.


 * 2007 I traveled through the Berkshires with Hollywood Producer Don Micher to film scenic footage of the Berkshires for the opening video of James Taylor's "One Man Band"

TV Special.


I am a volunteer staff member with Capital District Patriot Flight










Bob Shenise, Owner, Shenise Productions, LLC





Bob, Thank you so much for making such a great music video.

It was fun working together and I really appreciate your good humor and generosity in bringing our project to fruition.

I hope we work together again some day.

Sincerely, Star Donovan 

Creator: The Adventures of Gappy, The Young Vampire Series



Bob, Thank you for taking the time and patience to get it right! I am so glad that you are a perfectionist who does outstanding, unhuried work. When I hired you to do a simple video for my web site I was amazed by the equipment you hauled in, the time you took to rearrange the furniture and lighting, and by your repeated statement that you will spend as long as it takes to get it right for me.You are generous with your time and your talent. I can see why you have won so many awards for your work and I genuinely appreciate what you have done for me.

Cynthia Spellman, MD, Albany, NY

October 2015

Don Mischer

Caroline Baron

Interviewing Frank Serpico with Tele Quebec